Spring – immerse yourself in colour

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Spring – a chance to really immerse yourself in vibrant colours.

You often hear of Sydney-siders taking the opportunity to drive down to Canberra to experience Floriade. This is a very well attended, dare I say it, crowded, celebration of spring that has been going for 27 years.

I’d like to tell you of a great little hideaway just north of Canberra that has all the colour and is definitely more relaxed!

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Tulip Top Gardens, first established in 1997, is a 10 acre garden in a hidden valley on the Federal Highway, midway between the southern end of Lake George and the outskirts of Canberra.

It is family owned and run, and each year they plant tulips and annuals amongst over 1000 blossom trees.

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The garden is open to the public (at a small cost) for 1 month, generally between mid-September and mid-October. In 2015 the dates will be from 12 September- 11 October.

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Over half a million bulbs and flowers are planted by hand each year.

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Whilst its necessary for the family to set dates 12 months in advance, as we all know, anticipating nature can be tricky.

My advice is to give them a call (on +61 2 6230 3077) around the start of the period and they’ll be very open with you about whether its best to come along early or wait a bit for all the blooms to come out.

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It’s a beautiful experience.

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